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Privacy Policy
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Fuji Porcelain Enamel CO., LTD. has been working to strictly secure Customerʼs Personal Information.
We guarantee to treat Customerʼs Personal Information with great care, as defined in the below articles.

Managing secure of Personal Information
To gurantee Personal Informationʼs accuracy and security, we have put in place various measures to protect Personal Information, and work to prevent leaks, deletion and damages of your Personal Information.
We require any employee to act in accordance with our companyʼs inner rules about the use and protection of Personal Information.

Purpose of use of Personal Information

We use your Personal Information for the purpose of business announcement or response to your inquiries and requests by email or mail with data.

Prohibition of disclosure the Personal Information to third parties

We will not disclose the collected Personal Information to third parties without Customerʼs prior consent except when required by law.
Also, to provide Customers with better service, we may transmit Personal Information to third party service providers.
In such case, we first make sure these third party service providers meet high standards of Personal Information protection.
and continually control and supervise them.

Secure control of Personal Information

To ensure Personal Informationʼs accuracy and security, we give first priority to secure control of it.

For identity confirmation

We will identity you prior to supporting you request of inguiry, amendment or elimination.

Law compliance and improving policy

While complying with Japanese law, guidelines and standards regarding the use of Personal Information, we also stipulated inner rules to protect Personal Information, and works to provide appropriate protection for your Personal Information.

Customer Service

Please contact below for your questionnaire.

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2nd Building, Tokyo 111-0052 Japan
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